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Get Educated

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At Complete Injury Centers, we all utilize cutting edge education and training that we like to extend to Doctors and even patients that are interested, at their convenience.
We will continue to provide COMPLIMENTARY educational and training mini-lectures.
Doctors may find this information extremely valuable in their daily work. please feel free to contact us to learn more or to discuss with the right professional in CIC.


by Dr. Farshid Marzban, PhD, DC

Muscle Stretch Reflex

by Dr. Farshid Marzban, PhD, DC

Central and Peripheral- Complete Regional Pain Syndrome

Dr. Farshid Marzban, PhD, DC

Diagnosis, Basic Spinal Tracts, and Diffusion Tensor Tractography

Dr. Farshid Marzban, PhD, DC

Causes, Symptoms, & diagnosis

Auto accident & PTSD

Coracobrachialis Muscle and Musculocutaneous Nerve

Iliopsoas muscle and back pain- Complete Injury Centers by Dr. F. Marzban D.C., Ph.D.

Sciatica and other similar symptoms

Sciatica and other similar symptoms (short version)

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